Mental Health Day

A Discussion w/ the Boss:



Almost Tipsy Thoughts

  1. Do furries have regular human ears?

2. Why are there so few venomous mammals?

3. Would I be a responsible guardian of a doomsday device?

4. If I could have any surgery conceivable, there’d be no question – opposable monkey tail that has great grip strength and could lift as much as my left arm.

5. Could I take this guy? Could I take that guy? I feel like I’d be a great fighter… I have been in seven fights in my with varying results, but never a full-on brawl… I wonder how I’d go.

6. I grow angry easily… I should do something about that.. Meditation? Haha, perfect example of that just happened… rage…. It’s not like I’m breaking shit or being violent to people; I swear like a drunk sailor though…

7. I hate the way people speak in this part of the world – so uncivilised…

8. Would I ever get a tattoo? I’ve considered getting one at a particularly lonely / low stage of my life but extenuating circumstances stopped me.. They cost a lot too. But I probably would if I had a good enough reason. Definitely not someone’s name (I hate it when people have names of SOs or their kids… why is it always in that fuck awful cursive?!) or something relevant and significant to my country of origin or ethnicity.. It would have to be unique and important to me.

9. Should I have another? Yes!

10. I don’t feel strongly enough about anything to ever go somewhere to protest about it. Unless a key civil liberty were taken away then I’m good.

11. Is it strange that I don’t have any weird sex fetishes?

12. I do want to have another threeway… but I’m not sure with whom? For certainty, definitely two females… I know that much.

13. I could totally see myself getting into cosplay..

14. I love fruity flavours!

15. I’m not a nudist but if I could walk around naked all day I would.

16. If I had super powers, I’d definitely use them for evil.

17. I am pretty good at a lot of things but not great at anything.

18. I have approximate knowledge of many things but that just makes me a pseudo-intellecutal…

19. Why do I hate being photographed? Well, posing for photographs* Is it that it’s so.. contrived? I definitely don’t care if I photograph badly… I think it could also be the whole culture around photos and social approval these days.

20. I like to think I’m quite co-ordinated, but I really am rather clumsy…

21. I watch way too much porn… which totally desensitised me… which has it’s pros and cons… I can last for super long because things aren’t always as stimulating and I need new stimuli each time… It’s a curse! If I had new stimulus though…

22. How does one increase their sex drive? I should be doing it all the time!

23. I make poor decisions when I’m drunk…

24. I make fun decisions when I’m drunk!

25. Hedonism is not all it’s cracked up to be..

26. How the fuck does Santa Claus do it all in one night?

27. I need another bev!

28. Actually, I need some food.. I’ve only eaten two small meals today…

29. I now have a bagel!


When I was younger, so much younger than today

I never needed anybody’s help in any way

But now these days are gone, I’m not so self assured

Now I find I’ve changed my mind and opened up the doors

Help me if you can, I’m feeling down

– The Beatles

I am struggling at the moment.

Someone please throw me a life preserver before I am swallowed up because I’ve forgotten how to swim..

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